Internet Ministry: How Should I Add A Blog To My Church Website?

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Bishop Brown, Our church has a Content Management System based website. My question is "What Is The Best Option For Adding A Pastors Blog?

I have several Joomla websites (for business and for ministry) and I would like to add a blog to better communicate with my church family, as well as, the broader community I would find online.

I am wondering if it is better to add a blog into the website itself through a Joomla blog extension or set up a WordPress blog and link it to the site (I can do all that myself). Another option I am considering, if it would work better, is to set up a blog on one of the more popular blogging platforms online and just link to it.

By better I mean as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes.

What do you advise?

Pastor J ~ Chicago

Hi Pastor J and thanks for the question.

I believe there is only 1 great solution for your question. However before I give my solution a bit of background.

I too have used Joomla extensively for church and business websites. I have also created and used blogs with several of the Joomla extensions. For research I have also created and maintained blogs on Blogger and

Moreover, my personal and ministry blogs are run on self-hosted WordPress sites. With links to my more than 10,000+ Twitter followers and my several thousand Facebook friends and fans.

In my opinion nothing, I mean nothing, beats the search engine juice that a well constructed and keyword rich WordPress blog can deliver. My practical experience is buttressed by case study after case study.

So my answer is create a self hosted WordPress blog and incorporate it into your other sites. This is the same advice I have given to other pastors who want to add a pastor's blog to the existing church sites, it works and I believe you will reap major benefits.

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