First Trimester Basics - Building a Ministry Or Business With a Strong Foundation

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As I was having my morning coffee and catching up on some reading, I begin to think about where I was with my business. As we draw near the end of the year I believe reflection is important. We should always take a self assessment of where we are in each area of our lives. I asked the question, "Where am I with what I believed God had called me to do?" As I begin to review the last six months, I saw exciting things unfolding. I saw the structure and organization of my business unfolding. I saw that my business models and strategies taking their rightful place. I looked at how each area was working together in unison to create a unique enterprise that would empower women all over the nation. So many times I believe as we set out in our personal and business endeavors we find ourselves on a verge of anxiousness for something great to happen when in fact it has already begin to do just that. The greatness and success of a business or ministry lies in the laying of the foundation. That foundation will be the glue that holds each aspect together. The bible tells us not to despise small beginnings. For the strength of any project is in its birthing stages.

The most crucial time for a new pregnancy is in the first trimester. Most mothers do not show much on the outside but on the inside all of the major organs of the baby are being formed. The amniotic sac surrounds the baby and provides protection for the baby and helps regulate its temperature throughout the pregnancy. The placenta is also a major player in the initial stages of pregnancy. It provides nourishment to the baby. And let us not forget the umbilical cord. This cord is in place to carry oxygen to the baby and waste products away from the baby.

And just as the first trimester of a pregnancy is important in the development of the baby, the same is applicable to the development of your business or ministry. There are several building blocks that I think we must begin to rehearse daily:

Building Block #1
We must be diligent in putting core processes in place to protect the life of business.

Building Block #2
We must continue to expose ourselves to new business practices that will provide nourishment to the vision.

Building Block #3
And we must be sure that put together an inner circle that will encourage us, pray for us and have the ability to carry away those things that will harm us in the long run.

Each of these blocks provides a foundation that will cause us to see true greatness and success in your business or ministry.

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